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August 8, 2018

Costly Affair

by duncanr

a word of advice folks – be careful who you sleep with in North Carolina, it could cost you ‘an arm and a leg’ –

April 14, 2016

North Carolina Shitstorm

by duncanr


December 13, 2015

Please let this be a wind up . . .

by NobblySan

Surely nobody – even allowing for the fact that these idiots are from the land of Donald Trump – can be this bloody stupid.

What’s Nobbly ranting about?

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Thanks to No1 son for the link.

August 19, 2012

No Crying over Spilt Beer

by duncanr

A driver in North Carolina has been hailed a ‘hero’ by some for crashing into a trailer hauling nearly 43,000 pounds of beer causing it spill it’s load on the road

Police and volunteers took almost 5 hours to rescue clear up the 20,000 pounds of beer which will now go to the dump

No one (hic) suffered any serious injuries, said a police (hic) spokesman

The company said the insurance company will reimburse the cost of the 60,000 pounds of lost beer

The Insurance company said – 他媽的關閉

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June 21, 2011

A Guide to Free Health Care in the USA

by duncanr

Richard James Verone

What do you do if you have a growth in your chest, two ruptured discs, and no job or money.

Well, if you are fortunate to live in the UK with it’s National Health Service, you toddle off to your local GP (General Practitioner) or report to the A&E dept of your local hospital and your needs will be attended to.

If you live in the USA, however, you may have to do what 59 year old Richard James Verone did. He walked into a North Carolina bank, told the teller he had a gun and demanded she hand over $1, then sat down and waited for the police to arrive and arrest him, so he could get free medical care while in prison

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