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March 13, 2018

Childcare Worker Jailed for Drugging Children

by duncanr

it was called ‘Little Giggles‘, but parents who placed their kids at the child-care centre not giggling much – though much happier now that childcare worker sentenced to 21 years behind bars –

February 24, 2018

The bastard only got community service

by allthoughtswork

The idiot teen who destroyed 49,000 acres of historic, protected forest with a single firecracker last fall just got handed probation, the little fucker.

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September 24, 2017

Anyoregonbeach webcam

by allthoughtswork



Refresh these webcams periodically to get a sense of what my days on the coast are like….

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August 14, 2017

Opening for Oregon Woman

by duncanr

if you’re a woman up for a bit of ‘sport’ in Oregon climaxing with simultaneous orgasms during the upcoming solar eclipse, this nutter, nazi, white supremacist, guy would like to hear from you –

[now who do we know in Oregon might be interested in a meeting of celestial bodies?] 😆

July 7, 2017

Oregon’s Humongous Fungus

by duncanr

she told nobbly she has a big bum – click here – but no, it’s not ATW

Oregon’s Humongous Fungus is something else, entirely –

November 1, 2016

Honey, I Shot the Kids

by duncanr

Oops !

Oops !

a man out hunting with his 3 kids (aged 6yrs, 4 yrs, and 2 yrs) managed to accidentally shoot the 4yr old and the 2yr old

[the 6yr old’s cut hand was determined not to be shooting related]

emergency services were alerted and the injured kids transported to hospital – (where the hapless hunter will soon be joining them when their mother gets a hold of him !)

January 5, 2016

Oregon Standoff

by duncanr

Taiwan animated news voices the question on a lot of folk’s mind as a bunch of heavily armed white men (Yeehawdists – believed to be members of Y’all Qaeda or VanillaISIS) in Oregon continue to occupy a federal building they seized control of on Saturday

December 29, 2012

The Great Escape

by duncanr

old coupleA California woman called the cops to report her folks missing when they failed to turn up for a meal on Xmas Eve

Her 85 yr old stepfather collected his 83 yr old wife from a care centre just 10 mins drive away but when they didn’t show up at her home, the daughter got alarmed.

Police found the couple 12 hrs later, 400 miles away in Oregon, after . . .

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May 19, 2011

Female Blabbermouth Thrown Off Train

by duncanr

British Telecom ran a series of ads in the UK revolving around the slogan – It’s Good To Talk’

Well there may be an element of truth to that but there are times when it is better not to speak at all – particularly if you are talking (Loudly) on your cell phone in a public place.

A little bit of respect for other peoples privacy goes a long way to ensuring a . . .

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