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May 23, 2015

A Man and his Dog

by duncanr

might want to have a hanky handy for this one, folks !

November 24, 2008


by noseycow

Where does our consciousness live? Most believe its in our brain but there is much anecdotal evidence to suggest that it can be transferred via organ donations.


A 29-year-old lesbian, who was a fast food junkie, received a heart from a 19-year-old “man crazy” vegetarian woman. After her operation, she found that she could no longer eat meat, as it made her sick. More strikingly, her sexual orientation completely changed and she became engaged to a man.

The following scenario may be the answer to all our domestic problems…

Lynda Gammons from Lincolnshire, donated one of her kidneys to her husband Ian. Since the operation, Ian has developed a love of baking, cleaning, shopping and gardening. Prior to the transplant, he loathed all forms of housework.

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