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September 10, 2019

People like this simultaneously fascinate me and make my head explode

by allthoughtswork

I’m a minimalist. I’d need two Xanax to enter that home.

Collectors of this sort to me are like Christmas trees: The cacophony of colors and textures is decorative from a distance but the closer I come to the chaos, the more I wonder what sort of horrible nest might be hiding in that tree, literally and figuratively.

January 31, 2018


by duncanr

Pigcasso is a rescued pig who loves to daub splashes of paint on a canvas . . .

October 5, 2016

Beauty and the Beast

by duncanr
March 8, 2015

An Artist’s Perspective on Women

by duncanr

old man and dogI’m getting on a bit now and hoping to retire from work next year

I’m really looking forward to it and the opportunity it provides to spend more time pursuing my hobbies

I recently took up painting, for instance

I find it intensely satisfying creating something on a canvas – and while I’d be the first to admit my . . .

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January 21, 2015

Meet Pricasso

by duncanr

the clue is in the name – ‘Pricasso’ is an Aussie man who paints with his penis

any madhatter readers [you’re excused, inchcock] want to try this at home and submit the results of their artistic endeavour in the comment section? 😆

August 24, 2014

Can You See It Yet ?

by duncanr

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April 22, 2014

PlopEgg Painting

by duncanr

Now I’m not that interested in Art – a lot of it I think is pretentious crap

But now and again I like to post a little ‘culture’ to madhatters, to show we are not all insensitive barbarians here, unable to appreciate the sensuous interplay of colours on a blank canvass, the resultant arbitrary patterns highlighting the complexities, stress and strains of modern urban life

Not to mention the symbolic power of the Casual and the creative power of femininity as Milo Moire drops paint filled eggs from her vagina

June 19, 2012

Thailand’s Got Talent

by duncanr

Producers of Thailand’s Got Talent have been given a bollocking by the country’s culture minister, Sukumol Khunploem for allowing this contestant to appear on the show

While the female judge walked off the stage in protest at the act – deeming it to be inconsistent with Thai culture, the two male judges decided the act was a form of artistic expression and put the candidate through to the next round – much to the delight of the male members of the audience