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November 18, 2019

Embarrassing Parents

by duncanr

in this twitter thread mortified children recount moments when their parents caused them excruciating embarrassment in public


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May 2, 2016


by duncanr

piggy bank robberymadhatter readers are an honest lot so I’m sure none of you have ever stooped so low as to do this

or have you ?

July 5, 2015

Coastguard Fish Baby from Sea

by duncanr

0060-0807-3002-2540_Crying_Baby_clipart_image150my mother abandoned me when I was a kid – walked right past my pram when she came out of the Co-Op and went home without me

she said it was an accident – she wasn’t used to having a baby in tow when she went shopping and simply forgot I was with her

[my own fault, really – I should have said something when she walked past me]

forgetting your kids is something that . . .

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June 21, 2015

Pasta Prick

by duncanr

an Austrian couple called the cops for help after their 11 yr old son locked them out of the house because he didn’t like his lunch –

pasta tantrum

June 14, 2015

Bold is Beautiful

by duncanr

meeting your partner’s parents for the first time can be a stressful event for anyone – even more so when you have something else to tell them !

this ad showing a couple of girls preparing to ‘come out’ and declare their love for one another to one of the girl’s parents has gone viral in India

in a sign of changing times and changing attitudes, the reaction to the video has been overwhelmingly positive

January 8, 2015

The Birds and the Bees

by duncanr

parents tell their kids where babies come from

[seems to me that the kid who told his brother about sex and babies did a better job of explaining it than any of these ‘awkward’ parents]

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August 8, 2014

Chop Suey Warning

by duncanr

chinese foodhere’s a Madhatters Health & Safety Warning

if you have fallen out with your kids and they ask you round for a conciliatory meal, ask what’s on the menu before accepting the invite !

this warning is issued following reports that an elderly couple in China failed to take this precautionary step and found to their cost that the meat being served to diners was not Char Sui but Chau ‘n’ Siu

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February 26, 2014

Child Abuse Prank Call

by duncanr

naughty boy150An 11 yr old boy little shit in Sweden called the cops to report he had been assaulted by his mother

When they rushed to the address, however, they found the b*stard was lying – he wanted to ‘punish’ his parents in revenge over an argument he had had with them earlier –

The police gave the little brat a stern talking to

One can only surmise what his parents gave him after the cops left !

[It is important that emergency services respond quickly to a child’s call for help. Prats, like this brat, who make hoax calls, risk diluting the urgency of that response if police start doubting whether a call for help is genuine !]

May 8, 2013

The Great Piggy Bank Robbery

by duncanr

piggy bank robberyTsk, tsk – of 2,578 parents polled in the USA, 49% admitted robbing their kids savings when they needed cash for an emergency, e.g., no booze in the house pay household bills

What’s more – of those who robbed their kid’s piggy banks, the majority (51%) felt no shame or guilt for having done so –

Of course these parents were American, parents in the UK or Ireland (tric?) may not be so sneaky ?

Or are they?

Confessions, anybody ? 😆

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