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January 14, 2010

Home Comforts

by duncanr

There was a time when prisoners were sent to jail as punishment for their crimes and living conditions therein were ‘basic’ to say the least. The idea being that deprivation of not just liberty but of the associated benefits of liberty might encourage ner-do-wells in a wish to depart from a life of crime when released back into society lest they face a return spell in prison.

How times have changed !!!

When 35 yr old Paul Sadler appeared in Gloucester crown court on a charge of criminal damage and affray he fully expected to be jailed – well, he did ‘confront’ a man he suspected of sleeping with his wife with an axe and a baseball bat 🙄

To make his stay in prison more tolerable he brought a state of the art stereo system to court with him.

‘I’ll be surprised if it fits in his cell’, said a court worker.

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Jeez, I hope the other inmates share his taste in music !!!

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