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July 13, 2012

Pigeon Chooses Canada Over Cannock

by duncanr

A homing pigeon thought to have met a grisly end after failing to return to Cannock, in the UK, after being released in France, has turned up in Quebec, Canada

It is thought, Percy, – yes he’s a male – lost his bearings and hitched a lift on a trans-atlantic ship rather than ask for directions

Personally, after weeks of relentless rain, I reckon Percy thought ‘bugger this for a laugh’ and decided to quit these wet and windy shores in search of a better clime elsewhere

Full story here –

October 19, 2009

All the fish you can eat.

by NobblySan


And for dessert, could we perhaps interest sir in a penguin, before he has to catch the train home?

We have plenty to choose from.

There’s some bloody weird goings-on in Yorkshire, ah tell thi’!