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July 28, 2017

Scaramucci Motivational Posters

by duncanr

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December 16, 2016

At the Police Station

by duncanr



April 9, 2016

+46 771 793 336

by duncanr

now this is a novel idea . . .

tempted to give it a try but knowing my luck, instead of someone like this – – answering my call, I’d probably get through to someone like this –

September 6, 2013

Pope Phones Pregnant Single Woman and tells her . . .

by duncanr

popeA pregnant unmarried woman who’s married lover told her to piss off and get an abortion wrote to Pope Francis asking for advice.

I don’t know what advice she expected to receive, given the church’s stand on abortion but I bet she didn’t expect the bugger to phone her and tell her not to worry – and that concern she had about not being able to have the child baptised because she was a divorced, single mother?

No sweat – just put him down as the baby’s spiritual father

Damn, I’m an atheist but – christ on a bicycle – I’ve got a growing respect for this Pope !

Full story here –

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