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December 10, 2017

2017 Siena International Photo Awards

by duncanr

never heard of the Sienna International Photo awards till I stumbled upon a blog post about them this morning

prizes are awarded for the best photo in a particular category

for instance,

Journeys and Adventures

1st Prize . . . At World’s End

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November 12, 2017

2017 Finalists : Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

by duncanr

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June 11, 2017

Pictures of a Bygone Age

by duncanr

these pictures of post war Salford and Manchester –

could just as easily have been pictures of my own upbringing in post war Edinburgh – a time when parents weren’t so paranoid about their kids’ safety and actively encouraged them to play outside without adult supervision . . .

when you’ve finished your breakfast, Dunc, you can go play outside

but Ma, it’s raining

I don’t care. I’m not having you hanging around the house all day, getting under my feet, I’ve got things to do, so piss off and don’t come back till tea-time!

March 25, 2017

Holy Shit !

by duncanr

Jesus Christ!

is nothing sacred?

can’t the Pope poop in peace?

August 12, 2016

My Daughter is Precious

by duncanr

father and daughter1daughters are often less valued than sons in some cultures

one father and daughter who hope to change that are Rajesh Ramakrishnan and his 14 yr old daughter, Kaavya

In April this year, they launched a project called ‘My Daughter is Precious

keen photographers, themselves, they noticed that many folk in the poorest sections of society did not own a camera so in addition to raising money for young girls in India and Bangladesh – whose parents can’t afford it – to get an education, they take . . .

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June 2, 2014

World’s Best Father?

by duncanr

stay-at-home dad, Dave Engledow, has created a series of photographs documenting daily life with his daughter, Alice Bee, as she grows up

day 309_646x442

more pics here –

December 13, 2013

Real Men Wear Pink

by duncanr

pink tutu200He may look a bit of a wally – a big burly bloke prancing about in a pink tutu but Bob Carey couldn’t give a toss

If it makes his wife Linda laugh and helps her through her chemotherapy, he’s happy to do it and if it helps, at the same time, to raise money to support other women with breast cancer who don’t have health insurance to cover the cost of treatment that’s an added bonus

Read Bob and Linda’s story, and info about the Tutu Project here –

April 21, 2012

Red in Bed a No-No

by duncanr

What colour of female genitals do men prefer?

That’s the question Sarah Johns, an anthropologist at the University of Kent, sought the answer to

Starting with the premise that men find women wearing red clothing, or red lipstick sexy and that there may be an evolutionary basis for this preference because in some primate species the female signals her readiness to mate by her red arse, she pulled some non-pornographic pics from a website to which women submit anonymous photos of their vulvas and . . .

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February 1, 2012

Women Posing ‘Au Naturale’ (with Pics)

by duncanr

Let’s be honest

Nobody looks their best first thing in the morning – especially after just waking up

The bloodshot, bleary eyes, tousled hair, blotchy skin, snot dangling from nose, and dribble running from corner of the mouth is not a pretty sight

[And men look just as bad !]

So hats off to these women for taking (and showing) pics of themselves first thing in the morning – sans makeup

Warning – these pics should not be viewed by anyone of a nervous disposition – or a weak heart!

View Pics –

October 22, 2011

The (Swedish) Law is an Ass

by duncanr

A young Swedish girl got drunk at a party and passed out. While she was asleep, two lads took photographs of her naked breasts. Some time later, the police found the pics on the PC of one of the lads and were able to trace the girl, who had been unaware of the photographs. Feeling ‘violated’, upon finding out they had partially stripped and photographed her while she was unconscious she decided to have them men charged with sexual molestation. A judge, however, threw out the case on the grounds that no crime had been committed because the woman was unaware at the time that she was being sexually molested.

Hhmm, following that logic then, a man who . . .

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