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January 18, 2019

Facebook + Photoshop = lots and lots of comments

by allthoughtswork

I Like To Make My Brother Look Like A Bad Parent


August 21, 2018

Dancing Queen

by duncanr

original pic here

June 20, 2018

Careful What You ask For

by duncanr

James Fridman is a graphics designer who ‘fixes’ folks photos on request – but the results are not always what was expected . . .



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February 19, 2018

Fixed it for ya

by allthoughtswork

Photoshop Troll

How do you make a Photoshop troll a hero? Make dumb requests.

July 1, 2017

Careful What you Ask for

by duncanr

a couple recently got engaged

sadly, a photo capturing the moment was marred by a semi-naked man in the background . . .

foolishly, they asked if someone could photoshop him out of their pic

folk were only too glad to help . . .

June 13, 2015

There’s Always One

by duncanr

Italian Minister Maria Elena Boschi during her Swearing-In


Hhmmm, I can see why she was popular with the voters ! 😆

almost put this pic up as a ‘Caption this’ post

one slight problem, though . . .

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August 14, 2014

Photoshop Fail – Bite becomes Shite

by duncanr

photoshopI like to include a suitable pic to accompany posts I put up in madhatters

Increasingly, if I can’t find what I want using a google search, I’ll cobble one together myself using a photo-editing piece of software

The process involves loading 2 or more pics into the software – each as a separate ‘layer’ stacked one on top of the other – editing each photo to remove everything except what I want to keep, then merging all the layers to obtain the final composite picture I have in mind

The order in which these layers are merged (which layer is on top, and which is underneath) is important – as Aberdeen city council has discovered to its cost

April 7, 2012

Russian Church Performs Miracle?

by duncanr

Hallelujah, Praise the LORD – IT’S A MIRACLE

I mean, how else to explain a photo of Patriarch Kirill I on the website of the Russian Orthodox Church sporting a $30,000 watch on his wrist that vanished to be replaced by an almost identical pic sans watch ?

Some unbelievers – clocking the reflection of the missing watch on the table top in picture 2 – have suggested an earthly rather than divine hand played a role in making the expensive watch ‘disappear’

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