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May 24, 2017

When You’ve Gotta Go

by duncanr


February 11, 2016

Look, No Hands !

by duncanr

assuming this video is real, fellow prisoners are going to take the piss out of this ‘hard’ man for his reaction to arrest

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April 18, 2014

Brits Queue to Piss on PM

by duncanr
heh, heh !

heh, heh !

David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister has been stung by a jelly fish while holidaying in Lanzarote

(the condition of the jelly fish is unknown)

On hearing the news, outside the PM’s official residence in Londom, gathered quickly a bunch of folk only too willing to . . .

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September 15, 2009

Is it a Bird? Is it . . .

by duncanr

No, it’s not a bird, Nor is it a plane, or Superman, for that matter.

What you are looking at in the pic is Astronauts piss from the Space Shuttle Discovery.

“The waste froze upon release, then quickly sublimated into a sparkling, glowing vapor.”

The dirty buggers probably thought no one would notice if they pissed out the window. Bastards !!!

Anyway, next time you’re out in the rain don’t look up with your mouth open in case it really is ‘pissing down’

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