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December 5, 2018

“I won’t be in to work tomorrow, Captain…”

by allthoughtswork


June 16, 2018

Time for cops to cease and desist

by allthoughtswork

I made it through my whole life honestly believing that cops are good and noble until my local sheriff’s department set me straight last year.

I called in a crime I witnessed and ended up getting bullied and threatened by the deputy assigned to protect me. When I attempted to report him, I watched the Thin Blue Line close ranks around this asshole and pretend among themselves that nothing happened.

There aren’t enough epithets to describe the rage.

May 31, 2018

Chinese Police PSA

by duncanr

some excellent advice from the Chinese police for members of the public confronted by an assailant brandishing a knife

April 30, 2018

Cops Arrest Cars

by duncanr

April 26, 2018

Cops attempt to unlock phone of man they killed using his finger

by allthoughtswork

Image result for bloody finger plastic package


Seriously? I mean…seriously? 

March 23, 2018

When the riot is called on account of snow but you’re already geared up

by allthoughtswork

Police GIF


February 15, 2018

Chinese Takeaway Fail

by duncanr

some folk are just not cut out for a career in crime

November 26, 2017

New Zealand : Cops Wanted

by duncanr

as part of a recruitment drive, New Zealand cops have released a video they hope will inspire more folk to join their ranks . . .

p.s. count me out – too much running for me!


July 15, 2017

It Can Wait

by duncanr

May 27, 2017

Caption this . . .

by duncanr