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June 19, 2017

New Brexit Poll

by duncanr


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February 27, 2016

This is Gobshite

by duncanr

Question – when is a poll not a poll ?

Answer – when not a single person is asked to express an opinion !

will someone please explain to the editor of the Metro, the meaning of the word ‘poll’ !

a website drew up a list of attributes they reckoned would make a city nice to live in, e.g., proximity to the sea, average rainfall and sunshine, the number of parks per 10,000 people and the number of nearby National Trust sites, etc – and on that basis, ranked a number of UK cities on how well they did fit this criteria –

on this basis, without asking a single person, they concluded that . . .

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September 23, 2014

Only 10 Days ?

by duncanr

grumpy woman2a recent poll of 1,000 women found they self-reported being ‘grumpy’ about 10 days a year –

a recent poll of 7 men in my office elicited widespread incredulity regarding this result

10 days? You’re kidding me right?

no way !

feels bloody longer than 10 days to me

wish I could swap my missus for one of these 1,000 women

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August 25, 2014

Paranoid Parents

by duncanr

desi girls180one benefit of having 3 dogs – cute-looking jack russells – is that they are babe-magnets

just the other day, when I took them to the park, I was surrounded by a swarm of young girls eager to pet them

the oldest was probably around . . .

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November 5, 2012

Madhatters President Election Poll

by duncanr

At long f*cken last, americans will finally vote tomorrow to elect the next President of the USA. All the polls indicate it will be a close run race. Bur are Madhatters evenly split between the two candidates? Cast your vote below and let’s see if the madhatters vote mirrors the real thing.

Since this is only a bit of fun, cast your vote even if you do not live in the USA (after all, whatever bugger gets in, their foreign policies are going to affect the rest of us)

Get your own Poll!

August 21, 2012

I Hate Mondays and . . .

by duncanr

mondaysThey could have saved a lot of time, energy and money if they had just asked me but instead they chose to do it the hard way – polling 340,000 people, and asking them to ‘rate’ how they felt about the different days of the week. They were looking to see if people really did hate Monday as much as is claimed. And indeed, their results showed that compared to Saturday and Sunday, folk really didn’t like Monday much at all.

Mind you, they weren’t too keen . . .

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May 29, 2012

And the Loser is . . .

by duncanr

The 2012 Olympics are almost on us and already the UK is in pole position to win an early Gold Medal

An Aussie paper is running a poll to discover the Worst Olympic Uniform

At time of writing this post, Team UK is leading the field of competing Nations with 18.9% of the vote, followed by Spain with 15.8%, and Australia with 8.92%

[the competitors Olympic uniforms, however, are way behind the naff uniforms of the Olympic Ambassadors with 29.78 % of the vote]

Click link to view the competition and cast your vote for the country with the worst uniform –

April 10, 2009

UK Men not ‘fussy’

by duncanr

A recent Poll sampling men from several European countries with regard to the attributes they look for in a women found that UK men were the least demanding.

Unlike other nationalities, the majority of UK men sampled (83%) didn’t care if the woman was unemployed.

Sixty-six percent also couldn’t care less if the woman could cook or not.

While 52% would prefer if the woman had a pretty face, general conclusion would seem to be that – as long as she is breathing – UK men will take what they can get !!!

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October 17, 2008

Thank Crunchy its Friday

by noseycow

A special message for all those bosses moaning that you haven’t finished the work they gave you…



October 16, 2008

Coffee or tea?

by noseycow

While dunkers is out getting supplies in for the cafe – a quick straw poll.

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