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March 29, 2018

Seize the Moment

by duncanr

the Porter County Sheriff’s Department has released CCTV footage of the moment a prisoner being transported to the Porter County Jail made a dash for freedom under a closing garage door

March 24, 2015

Cops Catch Cops at Cat House

by duncanr

a1d0bc2b-53f5-4346-9e37-260d3a122bbdwallpaper1Police In west Bengal were in for a surprise when they raided a local brothel – but not nearly as surprised as the 4 drunk cops they found there, together with a convicted murderer they were supposed to be escorting back to prison . . .

November 10, 2013

UK Marine Guilty of Murder

by duncanr

prisonerA court martial has found a UK marine serving in Afghanistan guilty of murdering a wounded Taliban fighter, in clear violation of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of wounded captives

Sentence has not yet been passed, but the marine could be sentenced to ‘life in prison’

Some folk, however, (e.g., Maj Gen Thompson) are arguing for a more lenient sentence (say, 5 years), citing the pressures of war, heat of the moment, moment of madness

The problem I have with this defence is that . . .

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August 2, 2013

Where there’s a Will, there’s a . . . Baby

by duncanr

111111-baby1201The wife of a Palestinian prisoner, Abdul Kareem al-Rimawi (who is serving a 25-year sentence in an Israeli prison), has given birth to a baby boy following IVF treatment using her husband’s sperm smuggled out of the prison

How this ‘Emission Impossible’ task was accomplished is not known – and Abdul’s family are not talking lest they spoil it for other Palestinian prisoners wanting to impregnate their women when the traditional route of doing so is denied to them

It has to be said that the . . .

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February 11, 2013

Ringtone Betrays Phone Concealed in Anus

by duncanr

ringing cell phoneA 58 yr old prisoner in Shri Lanka has been caught trying to smuggle a cell-phone into prison.

Warders were alerted to the fact he had a phone about his person when they heard a ring tone coming from his arse

A subsequent x-ray showed a cell phone, a charger, and a headset concealed up his bum –

P.S. No report as to what the ringtone was

Anyone suggest a suitable ringtone for the occasion ? 😆

April 17, 2012

Man Wants Foreskin Back

by duncanr

28 yr old Dean Cochrun, a prisoner in a South Dakota jail has recently become aware that he was circumcised as an newborn baby.

Suddenly realising after 28 years that he is not a ‘whole’ man and consequently not had a normal sex life has had a devastating effect on him

“I was recently made aware of the fact that I had been (circumcised) and that … I was robbed of sensitivity during sexual intercourse as well as the sense of security and well-being I am entitled to in my person,

He is now demanding the hospital which performed the operation re-attach his missing foreskin

(hhmm, good luck with that, mate!)

and is also asking for $1,000 in compensatory and punitive damages

(only $1,000? – not been such a great loss to him then!)

Source –

February 16, 2012

No Loo Roll : Prisoner Complains

by duncanr

A prisoner in Sweden has made an official complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman because the authorities at the prison where he is being held took over 2 hours to supply him with a loo roll when he needed a shit

Hhmm, he should think himself lucky no paper to wipe his arse with is all he has to worry about – see

August 16, 2011

Oh, dear, what can the matter be . . .

by duncanr

In a shocking miscarriage of justice and a flagrant violation of human rights, a woman was sentenced to indefinite detention at one of HM’s prisons – having been found guilty of no offense.

Moreover, she was detained in solitary confinement, with no food or water, and with no hope of early release.

Read a full account of this shocking tale here –

January 14, 2010

Home Comforts

by duncanr

There was a time when prisoners were sent to jail as punishment for their crimes and living conditions therein were ‘basic’ to say the least. The idea being that deprivation of not just liberty but of the associated benefits of liberty might encourage ner-do-wells in a wish to depart from a life of crime when released back into society lest they face a return spell in prison.

How times have changed !!!

When 35 yr old Paul Sadler appeared in Gloucester crown court on a charge of criminal damage and affray he fully expected to be jailed – well, he did ‘confront’ a man he suspected of sleeping with his wife with an axe and a baseball bat 🙄

To make his stay in prison more tolerable he brought a state of the art stereo system to court with him.

‘I’ll be surprised if it fits in his cell’, said a court worker.

Source . . .

Jeez, I hope the other inmates share his taste in music !!!

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