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January 8, 2019

Prostate Exam

by duncanr

July 5, 2017

Frequent Ejaculation Saves Lives

by duncanr

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June 12, 2016

“Now you are a doctor, aren’t you?

by duncanr

February 26, 2014

Men United vs Prostate Cancer

by duncanr

bb prostate cancer250How much do you know about prostate cancer?

Take this online quiz – there are only 5 questions

The frozen food store ‘Iceland’ will donate 50p to Prostate Cancer UK for everyone who takes the test

March 20, 2011

Masturbation link to Prostate Cancer

by duncanr

A team of researchers at Cambridge University claim to have found a link between age-related sexual activity and incidence of prostate cancer.

According to the researchers, the more sexually active (sex with a partner and/or masturbation) a man is in his 20s and 30s, the greater . . .

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