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September 7, 2013

Is there anyone there?

by duncanr

ghostWhen psychic medium Chris Date posed a question during a ghost hunt in the Halfway Hotel in Llanelli, Wales last Friday, he was rewarded by two loud knocks from overhead

However, the supernatural origin of these ghostly rappings was later called into question when. . .

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April 7, 2013

Is God an Alien?

by duncanr

Stephany CohenStephany Cohen is a crackpot “psychic” who is in daily communication with ‘aliens’ – the cat people, the greys, and the reptilians from the Canis Major system.

And by communication’, I mean that MS Cohen regularly has sex with these aliens – who give her out of this world orgasms !

But when they are not busy screwing her, the aliens . . .

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