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September 16, 2009

Sex in Public

by duncanr

transgressions-fornication-0409-lgbanana-bunch1What does the activity depicted in the pic furthest to the left have to do with the number of bananas in the other pic?

The answer is – bugger all !!!

If you think otherwise then you’re probably from Papua, New Guinea.

Police there are hunting for a certain Thomas Peli, leader of a religious cult who persuaded his followers that having sex in public would boost the banana harvest.

The public fornication had been going on for 3-4 months – some participants more enthusiastic than others – before the police heard about it.

When they sought to arrest Mr Peli he fled naked into the forest with some of his followers.

Police have called up reinforcements to help comb the area where he disappeared.

Hhmm, would have thought a naked man clutching a bunch of bananas would stand out a bit !

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