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July 22, 2011

Bangladeshi Man has Brick Tied to Dick

by duncanr

As punishment for kidnapping and forcibly marrying a 12 yr old girl, elders in a Bangladeshi village stripped a 30 yr old man and made him parade naked with a brick tied to his penis

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Jeez, I’m sure there are less painful penis enlargement techniques around !!!

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March 9, 2011

Adopted Boy kept in Dog Cage

by duncanr

54-year-old Kathlyn Anthony calls it a ‘sleep locker’. To you, me, and the manufacturers, it’s a dog crate

Tired of her adopted son’s bedwetting, she made him sleep in a dog crate measuring 36-inches by 22, and 30-inches high which was kept in the basement. According to one of her other children . . .

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March 4, 2010

Tough Cheese

by duncanr

A man in California has been sentenced to 7 yr 8 months in prison.

His crime?

Stealing a bag of grated cheese from a shop

Before you start feeling sorry for him – thinking the sentence bears no relation to the seriousness of the crime – he actually got off lightly. The prosecutor was originally trying to get him sentenced for life.

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March 30, 2009

Spare the rod . . .

by duncanr

Some schools in Queensland, Australia still administer corporal punishment – with the parent’s permission.

This is apparently more frequent in ‘religious’ schools.

spanking-in-school-effect4The punishment is administered using a ‘paddle’ to strike a child’s buttocks.

Colin Krueger, principal of Mueller College at Rothwell on Brisbane’s northern outskirts, said parents are asked to sign a consent form as part of enrolment which gives teachers the power to use “firm but fair” discipline “administered in a spirit of love according to Proverbs 13.24, 22:6 and 22:15”, which promote the “rod of discipline” to “correct the foolishness raging in every child”.

Bundaberg Christian College principal Mark Bensley said punishment – using a ‘paddle’ (a bat) to stike a child’s buttocks – was used as a last resort and with the blessing of parents.

“It is always administered in a loving way. In fact, we pray with them afterwards.”

Well that’s all right then, innit?

Though I find it hard to imagine how one beats a child in a ‘loving’ way!!!

To me, this is less like discipline – more like child abuse!!!

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