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January 18, 2015

My Funeral Song

by duncanr

When people hear this song at your funeral, they will know you wanted them to celebrate your life and feel at ease about your passing. Your life will have been spent caring for others and being optimistic, so they will follow your lead

seems my funeral is going to end in a boozy sing-along [who would have guessed, eh?]

take the quiz and find out what song will be played at yours –

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January 6, 2014

Me and Matt Damon are so Alike

by duncanr

I bet you guys didn’t know how much me and Matt Damon have in common

Admittedly, his habit of portraying all-action heroes, jumping and running all over the place does seem a million miles away from my lazy-arsed laid-back personality but, hey, who am I to argue with a 100% accurate scientific tool that determines which actor or actress would best portray me if a film was made of my life

matt damon result

Want to know which actor would portray you in a movie of your life?

Just click the link – – and answer 9 questions 😆

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November 16, 2013

Movie Quiz

by duncanr

movie cameraHere’s something to tax your brains

Can you name any of the films represented by these emojis

Enter your guesses in the comment section after this post

I don’t expect anyone to get them all but between us we might get a good few of them

[To give you a bit of a start, I’ll tell you that No 5 = Psycho]

I’ll reveal the answers (and the source of this quiz) tomorrow night

Good luck !

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April 6, 2013

Cereal Quiz

by duncanr
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March 17, 2013

How Irish Are You ?

by duncanr

leprechaunToday being March 17, the Irish, and those around the world of Irish descent, will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day

Do you have any Irish blood flowing through your veins?

How Irish are you?

Click here – – and take a quiz to find out !

June 18, 2012

Bond Movie Quiz

by duncanr

How well do you know your Bond movies?

The newest James Bond film – called ‘Skyfall’ – due out later this year will be the 25th in the series

Click the link below to see how many of the previous 24 Bond movies you can name

You have 5 minutes to complete the quiz

Oh, and be sure to post your score in the comment section here (if you dare!)

via Presurfer

May 17, 2012

Calculate Your Value to Facebook

by duncanr

The social media site, Facebook, is going public and is expected to be valued at around $100 billion

But what about it’s users?

What value does Facebook place on you?

Well that depends on how often you visit the site, how long you spend on it, and what you do when you’re there

Click following link to answer a short quiz (7 questions) to find out how valuable an asset you are to Facebook –

P.S. Facebook is not going to get wealthy on the back of my interaction with the site – I’m worth a measly $2 to them

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October 8, 2011

International Dining Etiquette Quiz

by duncanr

Not only do countries have their own national dishes, they also have their own customs/etiquette to be followed when eating that food.

In a test to see how well I understood these ‘rules’ I scored 6

That was not particularly good, but may well be better than that of many others

Click the link to take the test yourself and report back your score here !


November 6, 2009

How Naughty are You ???

by duncanr

happy-couple-md-newEver had sex with a Puerto Rican ?

Ever had sex at church ?

Ever had sex with someone of the same sex ?

These are just some of the questions forming part of a Quiz posted on Jay-Jay’s blog today.

Each answer is worth a certain number of points.

Complete the quiz, and total your points tally to find how ‘Bad’ you are.

So don’t be shy.

Head on over to what-is-your-imaginary-fine/

complete the quiz, then come back and tell us how you scored

P.S. I got 500.6 points 😆

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