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May 12, 2019

Hate getting caught in the Rain?

by duncanr

so do these gorillas at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in South Carolina . . .

January 3, 2019

Who but a Politician ?

by duncanr


November 11, 2018

Rain Stops Serial Draft Dodger

by duncanr

some folk didn’t have that choice . . .

bouffant buffoon probably didn’t want to get his hair wet –

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December 22, 2017

Not her day

by duncanr


August 14, 2017

Caption this . . .

by duncanr


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April 8, 2016

Wet, Wet, Wet

by duncanr

doesn’t take much to be nice to folk

dashcam captures moment driver exits vehicle to give guy controlling traffic an umbrella to shield him from the pouring rain . . .

September 17, 2015

Being a Dad means . . .

by duncanr


August 31, 2015

Keeping Dry in the Wet

by duncanr

rain_animadotoday is a public holiday in the UK and, as is usual on these occasions, the clement weather of the last few days has vanished, to be replaced by rain

in fact, it is pissing down in my part of the UK right now

fortunately, I bought a new umbrella last week which will hopefully keep me dry when I venture out to the shops later

but what about folk caught out in the rain with no brolly ?

if only there was . . .

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August 27, 2015

Man is Dog’s Best Friend

by duncanr

WET DOGa dog left tied outside M&S in Dover while its owner shopped inside faced getting drookit when the weather changed and it began to rain

fortunately, this couple came to the rescue . . .

January 5, 2014

I’m not saying Women are fickle but . . .

by duncanr