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October 24, 2013

Caption this . . .

by duncanr

Unhappy cat

pic source – Arbroath

July 23, 2013

Fair Drookit

by duncanr

rainForget royal sprogs, the real news is that is is raining in Brum this morning

Weeks of unbearable heat have been replaced by the long-promised thunderstorm

It started just after 5 am

I’m sure about the time because I had just started running my bath when I heard the boom of thunder and the heavy splats of rain falling on the roof

I immediately ran out in the garden to feel the rain against my skin

The euphoria was dimmed slightly when I went to . . .

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August 25, 2012

Stormy Weather

by duncanr

If you live in the UK, we have bad news for you.

This is a Bank Holiday Weekend (Monday is a public holiday for most people)

Traditionally, the weather for Bank Holiday weekends is usually crap.

This weekend seems set to maintain that tradition – the Met Office has issued a ‘yellow warning’ advising of torrential rain and gale force winds

Well, they got the rain part of it right. It was raining when I took the dogs round the park at 3am and it’s still pissing down now with no sign it is going to stop.

[No doubt the rain will stop and the sun come out on Tuesday when the holiday’s over and we all go back to work – Ggrrrr !]

Full details can be viewed on the BBC Weather Forecast Video here –

June 14, 2012

No Mail Deliveries when Wet

by duncanr

A postman in Doncaster fell on his arse
A wet pavement to blame
Or so he did claim
Now no more he’ll deliver
During inclement weather
Health and Safety rules
What a farce

See –

October 30, 2009

The sun shines on the righteous.

by NobblySan

I don’t know which smartarse coined that phrase, but you can bet yer bum that it was some smug, self-righteous twat who was sat in a nice spot of sun, with a drink in his hand.

It does, however, speak voumes for the people of Oldham, Lancashire, when you look at this rather poor quality photo that I took last weekend whilst walking the dogs.

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July 30, 2009

One of the joys of an English summer…

by NobblySan

… is optimistically checking to see if they’ve actually managed to get any play in the cricket yet.

As ever, the press get us all wound up at the prospect of England managing to beat the Aussies, but when finally Day 1 of the match arrives, the Great British weather has to have its day in the sun…err.. rain (sorry).

Nonetheless, the online, radio and TV commentary teams will manage to while away a few long hours talking bollocks – and in the case of the TV chaps, showing clips from the last time we beat the Aussies (conveniently forgetting the last time they absolutely thrashed us, naturally).

But despite the fact that it’s been chucking it down solidly in Birmingham, the sun hasn’t been seen for days, and the monsoon season appears to be upon us, there’s always one smartarse South African, who has to wear bloody sunglasses.