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October 15, 2017

USA 1939 Alt-Right

by duncanr

for those concerned by the rise of white supremacist hate groups in the USA in recent times, a reminder that there has always been substantial support amongst a section of americans for the views these groups espouse . . .

for more information about this incident, click here –

August 29, 2016

Guardian Angel Saves Dog

by duncanr

this is some lucky dog to escape unhurt after wandering into the path of a rally car . . .

August 3, 2016

Trump : How is it Possible?

by duncanr

trump kicks baby outhe’s insulted mexicans, hispanics, muslims, blacks, women, the disabled, veterans – and he doesn’t like crying babies interrupting him when he’s speaking ( )

is there anyone trump hasn’t insulted?

and yet this arsehole has every chance of becoming the next President of the USA ?

gawd help us all if that happens !

September 16, 2014

Referendum Reflections

by duncanr

bob geldof caricaturethere have been some odd sights during the run up to the Scottish Referendum on Independence

there have been a succession of non-Scots, multi-millionares – some of whom don’t live in the UK, never mind live in Scotland – queuing up to tell folk in Scotland to vote NO

I don’t know what’s more bizzare . . .

the idea that people deciding which way to vote are going to be influenced by such trivialities as whether or not a bunch of ‘celebrities’ think it’s a good idea or not

the self-conceit of these ‘celebrities’ in thinking that they are important enough that folk are going to heed their opinions

or an Irishman, whose own country itself sought and gained independence from the UK, seeking to dissuade Scotland from doing likewise –

April 28, 2013

Irish Sat-Nav

by duncanr


In-car conversation between Irish rally drivers Neil Hickey and Enda Kennedy during Stage 1 of the Carrick Forestry Rally, in Tipperary

This gets funnier the more you watch it

via Arbroath