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December 12, 2019


by duncanr

more background information about the creation of sheltersuits in this . . .

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February 7, 2019

“These are the migrants we should be worried about.”

by allthoughtswork

May 27, 2017

Ahmed and Khadijah

by duncanr

there’s a longer interview here . . .

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January 29, 2017

History Repeats Itself

by duncanr

as Trump bars refugees from entering America, this Dr Seuss 1941 cartoon is a reminder that not welcoming refugees to the ‘land of the free’ is not a new idea


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May 11, 2016

These are Our Children

by duncanr

2 years ago, in March 2014, madhatters posted a powerful video by the charity ‘Save the Children

under the tagline – just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening – the video charted the fate of a young girl after a hypothetical war engulfs the UK in order to raise awareness here of the plight of children fleeing the conflict in Syria –

the charity has now released a 2nd video continuing ‘Lily’s story to highlight the trauma and horrific experiences child refugees in Europe have gone through and their need for our help and support

as the charity says – This is our world. These are our children. We must ensure child refugees are not forgotten.

donations to the Child Refugee Crisis Appeal can be made here –

January 28, 2016

Peter Capaldi Meets Syrian Refugees

by duncanr

actor Peter Capaldi visited families living in refugee camps and towns and cities across Jordan to highlight and promote the work of the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, helping families fleeing the war in Syria

this is the first video documenting his journey . . .

January 7, 2016

Heavy Fighting in Refugee Camp

by duncanr

a guard at a Serbian camp for Syrian refugees was the subject of a sustained assault by a group of inmates . . .

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December 20, 2015

What Have We Been Reduced to ?

by duncanr

concentration campI have made no secret of the fact I am an atheist

yet I have both christian and muslim friends

I get exasperated, however, when I read shite like this . . .

for f*ck Sake – christians and muslims believe in the same imaginary being God

‘Allah’ is simply the arabic word for ‘God’

the main difference, from my atheist perspective, between Islam and Christianity is that . . .

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December 12, 2015

Je Suis Canadien

by duncanr

I am proud to be a Scot – news like this, however . . .

makes me proud also to be a legal immigrant with the right to live and work in Canada – Je Suis Canadien !

September 21, 2015

Harry Leslie Smith

by duncanr


Harry is one of my heroes

92 yrs old, the bugger first came to my attention when he spoke at the UK Labour party Conference in 2014 in defence of the NHS

I have previously posted a video of that speech to the conference here –

even if you can’t be arsed to read the rest of this post, watch that vid – it’s a . . .

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