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August 8, 2018

I’m doomed

by allthoughtswork


June 13, 2018

Not very unwieldy

by allthoughtswork

This toilet sign in a pub I was at yesterday

Put another way:

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April 19, 2018

Foolish Man

by duncanr

some folk might suppose that having been married twice, I might have gained some special insight into the minds of women – they would be wrong !

a woman’s mind will forever remain a mystery to Man

one thing I have learned, however – from bitter experience – is that one should not take a woman’s words at face value

this guy, for instance, I am sure is about to get . . .

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February 12, 2018

Fatal Attraction

by duncanr


June 26, 2017

Trump administration inadvertently supports women

by allthoughtswork

Entry 12

November 26, 2016

A Word to the Wife

by duncanr


March 8, 2016

Mom – A Woman’s Journey

by duncanr

should really have posted this on Sunday, which was Mother’s Day in the UK, still . . .

January 25, 2016

Woman Sues ‘Husband’

by duncanr

divorce180pre-nuptial agreements have always seemed to me to indicate a certain degree of pessimism about the permanence – despite the ’till death do us part’ bit – of the marriage about to be entered into

makes me wonder why bother if you harbour the least doubt that the marriage is going to be a success ?

a pre-nuptial agreement must also . . .

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August 16, 2015

Breaking Up by Text

by duncanr
July 15, 2015

New Home for Angry Grandpa

by duncanr

his son and daughter-in-law drag him around, seeking his help/advice on a new home – only, unbeknownst to him, the home is not for them, but for him

[note to self – must show this vid to my kids

perhaps the buggers will take the hint?] 😆