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August 7, 2017

Reversible Meat Tenderiser

by duncanr

this versatile tool has been receiving some rave reviews . . .

My wife loved it so much she made me use it…and after a little discomfort I got used to it and now I LOVE IT
(Pleasantly Surprised)

I also stick it up my bum (MaryS)

spikes were an unexpected surprise (BrownieBatter)

full reviews here

November 28, 2016

Merry Trumpmas

by duncanr

trumpdump“insists on sitting on the top of the tree despite a majority of the ornaments voting for the star”

“kept trying to grab my cat and tried to deport my chihuahuas”

“tried to put my nativity figures into an internment camp. Would not buy again”

what are these Amazon reviews referring to?

see –

August 28, 2012

It Stained my Knickers Blue

by duncanr

The following Customer reviews of a product marketed specifically for women were posted to Amazon


Despite the hype, and the colour, and the talk of buttons moving in and out, this was the worst dildo ever

*Doesn’t work very well*

“I tried these on a whim and I have to say I wasn’t very impressed. The applicator mechanism is far too fiddly, and the plastic tampon inside far too thin (not to mention uncomfortable and non-absorbent). I’m sure therre must be a knack to using them but I couldn’t find it. They also stained my knickers blue for some reason. I really wanted to like these but it’s back to pads for me”

Click link to see what they were referring to –