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February 8, 2019

Let me witness something like this just once before I die

by allthoughtswork

February 4, 2019

Canadian Road Rage

by duncanr

click on pic to start video . . .

March 10, 2016

Fecken Eejits !

by duncanr

I am normally a fairly mild-mannered, easy-going, laid-back kind of person but . . . my language, last week, when an idiot driver pulled out of a side street on my left, to turn right, when I was almost on top of her – doing 30 mph – and everything in my car that wasn’t secured came hurtling forward as I did an ’emergency stop’ and came to rest, my car just inches from slamming into the side of her car, somewhat mirrored that of those in this video compilation of UK drivers being cut up by other unthinking, dangerous road users

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September 30, 2015

Ronnie Pickering

by duncanr

ronnie pickering

Liz needs to watch BBC Newsnight more often – click here

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June 22, 2015

Taff’s Tantrum

by duncanr

o.k. I confess, there are times I have ‘undertaken’ another car on the motorway, I.E.,illegally passed a car of the left instead of the right when the car in front is cruising at a sedate pace in the middle lane, won’t mover over into the slower left lane to allow me through, and heavy traffic in the right lane means I can’t pull out and overtake legally

so I can understand this driver’s frustration with folk who insist on driving in the middle lane when the left lane is clear and they are driving slower than other traffic

the irate driver in the above viddeo will no doubt be pleased to hear this news –

September 3, 2014

Russian Road Rage

by duncanr

wait for it . . .

July 19, 2013

Not in the national interest

by NobblySan

I wonder which shows the UAE in the worst light?

Having someone (anyone? any number of people?) in society who are violent, arrogant and who treat other ethnic groups as inferior.


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July 30, 2012

Russian Road Rage

by duncanr

In Russia, many folk have installed a dashcam in their cars to protect themselves against false personal injury claims (common scam is for pedestrians to jump out in front of car then sue the driver for injuring them). This provides some interesting material for youtube posts. In this clip, traffic merging from two lanes into one finds the driver of a SUV (which has right of way) being cut-up by the driver of another car. Noticing the driver of the other car has his windows open, the SUV driver exacts revenge

August 5, 2011

Do you know this man ?

by duncanr

Police in Maryland have issued a picture of a man wanted for questioning after he beat up a woman in a road rage incident.

Local reporter Mike Hellgren tells the story –

[Hhmmm, don’t think the cops should have too much difficulty solving this case, do you?] 😉

July 14, 2011

Assault on Cyclist Caught on Cam

by duncanr

Simon Page, 49, was one of 7 cyclists training for a charity ride when he was assaulted by an irate motorist.

The driver and front passenger of a silver Peugeot pulled in front of the cyclists on a busy London street. The driver then punched Mr Page. The incident was caught on a helmet cam one of the other cyclists was wearing and the vid has been posted online in a bid to identify the assailants

Full story herre –

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