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November 26, 2011

Asda Booze Thieves : Pair of Fuels

by duncanr

You get a special class of crook round Nobbly’s area – not very bright (must be something in the water?)

Back in June, two women robbed an Asda store of £400s worth of booze. They filled a trolley full of booze, left the store without paying, loaded the booze into the boot of their car, then realised they had no petrol and had to push their getaway car to a nearby Asda fuel pump

Mind you, if the criminals are none too bright in Oldham, the police are not much better. Despite the robbery and the fiasco with the getaway car being caught on CCTV, and the women’s faces clearly recognisable (not to mention their car), they were only apprehended when they tried to steal booze from another Asda store the same way again in October.

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