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April 24, 2018

Much Ado about Nothing

by duncanr

a woman in London had a baby yesterday and a large section of the UK public, and the media, wet themselves with excitement

personally, I couldn’t give a shit – never had any interest in the royal family – think we should have got rid of them a long time ago

coincidentally, it was 402 years yesterday since William Shakespeare died

my attitude to the news of a baby born into a life of wealth and privilege can be summed up by the title of this post

October 10, 2015

Robertson’s Rant

by duncanr

angry manI’m off to visit a blogging mate today, so will be offline for a while

to fill the gap, here’s a bit of a rant to stir up some conversation during my absence 😆

The UK Conservative Prime Minister David – ‘Dick in a Pig’ (allegedly) – Cameron has accused the new Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn of supporting terrorists because he “thinks the death of Osama bin Laden was a ‘tragedy’.”

Now it’s true that . . .

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June 26, 2014

Supporting the Royal Family

by duncanr

keep yer paws aff ma bawbees

keep yer paws aff ma bawbees

we Scots have a reputation for being mean with money – this is shite !

we are generous to a fault

we each, for instance, have reached deep into our sporrans and donated a whopping 56 pence each to help a young married couple, struggling to bring up a child on benefits, get their foot on the property ladder, with a modest 20 room house of their own –

December 14, 2013

Duncan Commits Treason

by duncanr

This may be my last post on madhatters for a while – unless I am given access to a computer in prison

Seems the Treason Felony Act of 1848which makes it a criminal offence, punishable by life imprisonment, to advocate abolition of the monarchy in print, even by peaceful means ( – is still in force

I’ve never had much time for the Royal Family and would . . .

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