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June 8, 2015

Don’t Do It, Ladies

by duncanr

doctorit’s not worth it

you’re fine as you are

trust me on this

would I lie to you?

you’re all beautiful

besides, if I may be blunt for a moment – if you have allowed a man to get so up close and personal, the lucky bugger couldn’t give a shit what it looks like

just saying !

January 29, 2010

Up and down like a bride’s nightie…

by NobblySan

This one should be read by Don Mills, as it may help to back up some of his theories related to saggy-assed pants, and the wearers therof.

According to research (yes…more of the damn stuff. Don’t these bloody students ever do anything useful?), it is possible to tell how old a bloke is by observing the position of the waistband of his trousers.

Surely it would be more accurate to just ask him?

(Oh… sorry about the tenuous link to brides’ nighties by the way…. but at least it got your attention.)