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August 24, 2017

Out of Fire and into Frying Pan

by duncanr

firefighters rewarded with sausages after saving pigs’ bacon –

August 12, 2017

Irish Bangers a Hit

by duncanr

had a few too many sausages!

an irish butcher has startled selling some unusual sausages –

April 12, 2017

Treacherous Orchestra – Sausages

by duncanr

a little something to wake you up . . .

May 5, 2013

Woof ! Pant ! Yap-yap . . .

by ratty

What a load of Arf-grrruff rubbish this article is –

I’ve been snarl, slobber eating Casablancan sausages for years and can testify that this is not howelll . . . true. What’s more, I have a lovely wet nose.

Can’t stop, yelp-yelp-yelp my wife is throwing a stick for me to catch. Snap-snap, snort, lovely tummy tickle.


May 15, 2011

Stolen Sausages found in Grave

by duncanr

Krystof Dzielekci, 35, and his 59-year-old father Leon are facing 10 years in jail for stealing some beer, fags and sausages.

If you’re thinking that seems a pretty harsh sentence for what they stole you’d be right.

The reason for the stiff sentence is not for what they stole but for where they hid their loot . . .

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March 14, 2011

Bangers and Gnasher : Obama visits Beanotown

by duncanr

It’s 60 years since Dennis the Menace first appeared in the ‘Beano’.

To mark the occasion, the April 9 edition of the comic will feature a storyline that involves US President Obama visiting Beanotown, with the UK Coalition leaders Clegg and Cameron honouring the President with a State Banquet featuring ‘sausages’

Source . . .

[Feel free to make up your own jokes about these clowns appearing in a comic !]

June 1, 2010

Aussie Fat Bird Grounded

by duncanr

A fat Aussie bird addicted to sausages (stop sniggering, Dave – it’s not loon) has been put on a strict diet.

It is believed it was her love of barbies that was her undoing.

She piled on so much weight from scoffing too many bangers that it nearly killed her.

Fortunately she was saved in time

To read more of this story and view pic (warning – this is gross) – click here

November 3, 2009

Are you pleased to see me or . . .

by duncanr


Some different sausages

Australian police have arrested a man caught trying to steal sausages from a shop – by stuffing them down his trousers.

The 38 yr old man is due to appear in Innisfail Magistrates’ Court on a theft charge Nov. 30.

The sausages were recovered but have not been offered for resale to the public

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October 28, 2008

Sausage Smuggling Spreads

by noseycow

Yet another sausage story hits the headlines!

A woman was arrested, trying to cross the Mexican border into America, with an illegal hoard of sausages.

She had wrapped them carefully, hoping that the border guards would assume she was travelling with a boot full of soiled nappies.

Where she got her inspiration from heaven knows!