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October 30, 2017

Learning to Write with Both Hands

by duncanr

one of my earliest memories of school days is my female primary teacher patrolling between the desks of the classroom with a long wooden ruler
which she used to whack me across the knuckles if she caught me writing with my left hand

despite her best efforts, however, forcing me to use my right hand did not turn me from a left-handed to a right-handed person – all it did was make me ambidextrous

how different to her, the attitude of the teacher at this school in India where all 300 pupils are taught to write with both hands –

August 11, 2017

That Walmart needed prodding is telling

by allthoughtswork

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June 15, 2017

Doing it to Music

by duncanr

apparently, some Swedish kids are too embarrassed to use the school toilets in case someone hears the noise they make when doing a pee or a poo

fortunately, a local councillor has a solution –

there is no mention in the report of the sort of music that might be played in the loos, however, I have a couple of helpful suggestions . . .

perhaps Handel’s Water Music to cover the noise of pissing?

and to mask the grunts, farts, and plops accompanying shitting, something with a bit more percussion –

February 26, 2017

Nice Try, But . . .

by duncanr



December 4, 2016

A Love (and Hate) Story

by duncanr

there’s more going on in this video than is first apparent !

October 21, 2016

Aberfan Remembered

by duncanr

I remember this so well

50 years ago today, 144 folk in the small Welsh mining village of Aberfan lost their lives when the slag heap perched above the village – slid down the mountain and engulfed 19 houses and the village school where 116 young children died

some harrowing footage of the time here . . .

September 20, 2016

1980’s Irish Sex Education for Girls

by duncanr

this video is part of a series shown in the 1980s to inform girls attending Catholic schools in Ireland about sex


May 14, 2016

Judges Support Parents

by duncanr

judge over rules teachersmy dad was a shunter in the railways when I was in school

he had no choice as to when he took his 2 week ‘summer’ holidays

there was a roster system and he was advised by management when he was allowed his 2 week off that year – sometimes his ‘summer’ holiday was a miserable two fucken weeks in April

nae problem, though, he wrote a note to our teachers and we spent 2 weeks bonding as a family, ‘enjoying’ ourselves in a primitive caravan on a rain-swept camp site in not-so-sunny Arbroath, with a . . .

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April 5, 2016

Reason to Stay in EU – No 1

by duncanr

the UK is holding a referendum in JUne to decide whther to leave or stay in the European Union

one reason for staying in the EU is . . .

a more enlightened education system –


[feel free to leave your own suggestions why the UK would be better off in or out of the EU as a comment to this post]

March 23, 2016

Happy Holi

by duncanr

around the world today, millions of people – families, friends, neighbours, and strangers – will be dousing each other with coloured powders and water to celebrate Holi

you will find no shortage of videos on Youtube showing people celebrating Holi but this one – which I have posted previously on madhatters – remains my favourite