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July 31, 2019

Talkin’ aboot wir language

by duncanr

when we buried my partner a few weeks ago, I addressed the mourners gathered at her graveside

at the pub afterwards, several folk commented on how scottish I had sounded

this didn’t surprise me – since I moved to England 35 years ago, I have dropped uniquely scottish words from my vocabulary and adopted english instead of scottish pronunciation of common words so folk can understand what I’m saying, but when I’m angry, stressed, or emotional I unconsciously slip back into using scottish words and pronunciation, so I found this ted talk on the scottish language interesting – his early school experience exactly mirrored my own

July 21, 2019

The Silence of Scotland

by duncanr

‘Only in silence can we hear the song of nature. Natural silence is not the absence of sound from nature it is the absence of noise from modern life’

June 17, 2019

Summer Blues

by duncanr


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June 3, 2019

Gaol ise Gaol i

by duncanr

Waulking songs are Scottish folk songs, traditionally sung in the Gaelic language by women while fulling cloth. This practice involved a group of women rhythmically beating newly woven tweed against a table or similar surface to soften it. Simple, beat-driven songs were used to accompany the workWikipedia

May 21, 2019

Hitchin’ a Ride – wi’ Danny MacAskill

by duncanr

April 21, 2019

Friendly Neighbours

by duncanr

a guy gets drunk at a party, leaves to get a taxi home, misses it, and decides to return to the party and wait there till the morning

when he re-enters the house where the party was held, it’s all quiet, the guests have all left,and the owners of the house have gone to bed, so he makes himself some pot noodles in the kitchen, then falls asleep on the sofa

in the morning, when the householders wake him up, he discovers he is in the wrong house

as one commentator on youtube says- ‘if this had happened in the US this poor fellow probably would’ve been shot

as it’s Scotland, however, when the householders find a strange man sleeping in their living room, they offer him a cigarette and a cup of tea . . .

February 23, 2019

It’s no Edinboro

by duncanr

a wee video listing some interesting things about Scotland for anyone who doesn’t know much about the country

ye’d think though that if someone went to the trouble of researching and producing a video about Scotland, they’d take the time to learn how to pronounce the name of the country’s capital city, Edinburgh – it’s Edinbrruh (where the ‘u’ is pronounced as is the’u’ in the word ‘up’) but most definitely NOT Edinboro !

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January 29, 2019

Scottish Air Traffic Control

by duncanr

January 4, 2019

Please Brexit the room in an orderly fashion

by allthoughtswork

An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman walk into a bar...


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January 1, 2019

Scotland: the Morning after the Night before

by duncanr

nothing clears the head better after drinking copious amounts of alcohol to welcome in the New Year than a quick dip in the freezing waters of the North Sea, off the East coast of Scotland – mind you, ye’d huv tae be aff yer heid wi’ drink tae dae sic a thing, which is why they cry it the ‘loony dook

the biggest such loony dook is at South Queensferry on the northern outskirts of Edinburgh but I couldn’t find a decent video of this event posted yet on youtube so, instead, here’s a vid of the loony dook at Edinburgh’s Portobello beach