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August 9, 2018

A little more off the top….

by allthoughtswork

Dude makes these with a chainsaw. I guess the winters in Switzerland are pretty long.

May 3, 2018

Still Opposition to Erect Penis in Park

by duncanr

seems several folk complained when they spotted this man, with a large erection, in their local park –

June 18, 2017

Cork Commemorates Choctaw Kindness

by duncanr

Native American Choctaw leaders have arrived in Ireland to unveil a sculpture celebrating the financial contribution made by the tribe to starving Irish people in 1847

full story –

February 7, 2015

Cloud Cock Up

by duncanr

what do you see, folks, when you look at this piece of sculpture ?

clouds and raindrops?

yeah, me too

some people, however, who don’t share our eye for art claim to see a big dick – bloody philistines !

council-funded phallus

June 23, 2014

Man Rescued from Vagina

by duncanr

FIREFIGHTER WITH AX German firefighters had to be called out to free a prick stuck in a vagina

[make up your own jokes] 😆

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