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September 20, 2016

1980’s Irish Sex Education for Girls

by duncanr

this video is part of a series shown in the 1980s to inform girls attending Catholic schools in Ireland about sex


January 11, 2015

Snipp and Snopp

by duncanr

99aca9e2b154d8eef357b112b65b4378a7674796bf5924292102ae621629b4b9who (other than Swedes) knew that snipp and snopp were colloquial names for the penis and vagina in Sweden, eh ? – [don’t say reading madhatters isn’t educational]

a video showing cartoon penises and vaginas dancing around to a song which includes such epics lyrics as . . .

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April 12, 2011

Julia Sweeney : Sex Education

by duncanr
March 2, 2011

Sex Education Fail

by duncanr

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July 9, 2010

What the F………?

by NobblySan

The Mad Hatters have an email address.
It doesn’t get checked very often;  but today, I checked the inbox.

Among the usual crowd of  ‘let me in – I want to comment’ emails was one that caught my eye.  The company that it’s (supposedly) from are the same bunch responsible for polluting the airwaves of the UK with such unadulterated shit as ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Deal or no deal‘, amongst other dross for the consumption of the gullible.

But enough of my snobbish sniping at TV for sheep – what made me smile about this, was the inference in the email that somehow the Mad Hatters were capable of providing information about retirement homes full of aged shaggers and snoggers who would be willing to appear in this programme.

I assume that Duncan and Ratty, as the two elder statesmen of the outfit, have been making a bit of a name for themselves.

The text of the email is below….

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July 13, 2009

An Orgasm a Day keeps the Doctor Away

by duncanr

The NHS in Sheffield has produced new leaflets on Sexual Health for teachers to use in schools.

Claiming that ‘standard’ sex education places too much emphasis on the negative aspects of sex, e.g., diseases, it aims to redress the balance by pointing out that sex can be a fun thing.

The leaflet, which is intended to be used for kids as young as 13, encourages them to have sex or masturbate at least twice a week to keep themselves healthy.

[no mention of it affecting one’s eyesight !!!]

In a variation of the old adage, the booklet includes the slogan – an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away

Source . . .

P.S., While on the subject, you might like to mark the following date in your Diary – 21st Dec 2009, World Orgasm Day

Giving you plenty of time to build up to a climax !!!

February 13, 2009

13 year old boy becomes a father

by noseycow
Baby boy and his daughter

Baby boy and his daughter

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