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April 25, 2017

Cheap Fix

by duncanr

got a dent in your car?

don’t want to pay a fortune to have it repaired?

buy yourself a dildo . . .

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January 1, 2017

NSFW 2017 Greeting

by duncanr


August 10, 2016

Caption this . . .

by duncanr


[Pic story here – ]

February 18, 2016

Steven Joyce – Dickhead

by duncanr

they’re calling New Zealand politician, Steven Joyce, ‘Dildo Baggins’ after this incident . . .

to his credit, he took it in good humour – going so far as to suggest the clip be sent to John Oliver, who happily seized the . . .

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December 21, 2015

Way to Go, Girl !

by duncanr

old woman in suspenderssome folk get ‘uncomfortable’ at the thought of their parents having a sex life, so I imagine this woman’s kids might be a tad embarrassed to have her sexual appetite and activities plastered all over the internet

me ?

I’m cheering for the old girl – I just wish I was there to hear the banter at her wake –

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July 14, 2015

Woman’s Sex Drive

by duncanr

wagging fingertoday’s PSA from Madhatters is all about Road Safety

when stationery in traffic, apply your vehicle’s hand-brake, folks

Always !

sadly, this advice comes too late for one woman who failed to observe this simple rule –

January 20, 2015

Caption this . . .

by duncanr


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June 27, 2014

iPad Sex Toy

by duncanr

tempted by that 2nd hand iPad on eBay?

you might want to think twice (you don’t know where it’s been) after watching this promotional vid for a new iPad accessory

July 24, 2013

Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations

by duncanr

red bikeRegular readers will know that ratty has been endeavouring for some time to rid himself of sell a red drop handle-barred bicycle – without success

I have a suggestion that might remedy this situation – [Sometimes one has to spend a little to gain a lot]

If ratty was prepared to lay out a mere £28 on a slight modification to the aforementioned bike, I am sure he would stimulate sufficient interest to secure a sale 😆

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August 25, 2012

Good Vibrations ?

by duncanr

Driving for any length of time can become boring, leading to inattention, drowsiness, and accidents.

Having a passenger in the car who can engage you in conversation, and monitor your wakefulness helps keep you alert, but failing that – listening to the radio, opening the window to let cool air on your face, and frequent rest breaks when you ‘re feeling tired are recommended by motoring organisations and the police.

What they don’t recommend is driving with a vibrator up your arse . . .