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February 15, 2018

Chinese Takeaway Fail

by duncanr

some folk are just not cut out for a career in crime

October 11, 2013

Search for Shanghai Streaker

by duncanr

CEN_Naked_03.jpgPolice in Shanghai (they’re not the only ones) are anxious to get their hands on a young woman who has been exposing herself in downtown Shanghai then posting photos online

They have appealed to the public for help in finding this shameless hussy, but the public (the males, at least), if they know her identity, are keeping it to themselves

Full story, and more pics here-

In related news, shopkeepers in downtowm Shanghai report an upsurge in business in recent weeks 😆

January 29, 2010

Blow-Up Doll saves Yang

by duncanr

An elderly Chinese man is alive today thanks to a rubber doll.

The elderly man (called Yang) bought the doll (name unknown) for solace after his wife died.

Sadly, many unenlightened people, view men who buy rubber dolls as ‘creeps’, ‘perverts’.

Hurt by such comments, Yang decided to commit suicide by jumping from the 6th floor of his Shanghai apartment block.

He and his doll jumped together.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Yang, given his intention, he landed on top of the doll which broke his fall.

Yang was admitted to hospital, where he has made a full recovery – there is no word on the condition of the doll !!!

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