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February 11, 2013

Ringtone Betrays Phone Concealed in Anus

by duncanr

ringing cell phoneA 58 yr old prisoner in Shri Lanka has been caught trying to smuggle a cell-phone into prison.

Warders were alerted to the fact he had a phone about his person when they heard a ring tone coming from his arse

A subsequent x-ray showed a cell phone, a charger, and a headset concealed up his bum –

P.S. No report as to what the ringtone was

Anyone suggest a suitable ringtone for the occasion ? 😆

April 20, 2012

Saudis to Behead Shri Lankan Woman ?

by duncanr

Belief in supernatural beings and mysterious forces that can be manipulated for good or evil by certain individuals extends far back in human history – often bound up with religion.

Ignorance combined with a strong belief in religion has been (and still is) a dangerous combination – as many a man, woman, and child cruelly tortured and put to death on suspicion of being a witch or warlock has found to their cost.

While the state no longer tortures and kills people suspected of being witches in the UK, we regrettably still . . .

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April 18, 2011

Sri Lankan lady survives being hit by Train

by duncanr

A young Shri Lankan woman walking by the tracks was hit by a train travelling at 50 kilometres an hour. just outside the Idalgashinna Railway Station on April 11

Folk rushed to her aid, carrying her into the station, thinking she was dead. But she was very much alive and declined to go to the hospital, leaving instead with her brother because she had a plane to catch the following day to take up a job abroad.