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July 29, 2018

Christian Humour

by duncanr



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June 11, 2018

Pride Signs

by duncanr

more signs here

April 4, 2017

Apostrophe Vigilante

by duncanr

there’s some right queer folk around!

while some like to go to the theatre, cinema, pub, club, or restaurant of an evening or unwind at home in front of the TV, this guy likes to patrol the streets of Bristol with his ‘apostrophiser’ –

March 26, 2017

Scaredy House

by duncanr

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December 4, 2016

A Love (and Hate) Story

by duncanr

there’s more going on in this video than is first apparent !

September 15, 2012

Spot the Gays (and Lesbians)

by duncanr

Some people like oral sex, some don’t. A word of warning though – If you live in (or are visiting) Malaysia, and you belong to the former category, you might want to bear in mind that oral sex carries certain risks . . .

Malaysia frowns on oral and gay sex, describing them as against the order of nature. Under civil law, ‘offenders’, both male and female, can be jailed for up to 20 years, caned or fined. (

So concerned about the incidence of homosexual behaviour is the Government in Malaysia that it . . .

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May 25, 2012

Cornish Kerfuffle

by duncanr

Oh dear, some Cornish folk are not very happy at the moment

What’s she on about?

Well, by a curious coincidence, the Archway at Land’s End had a new coat of paint just in time for the world’s media to descend on Land’s End to witness the 2012 Olympic torch begin it’s journey through Cornwall

And that’s when the trouble began . . .

October 2, 2009

Aussie Men are so Romantic

by duncanr

Everyone is talking about Jennifer in the town in Bigola, NSW, Australia after a series of large signs were posted overnight on telegraph poles running alongside the busiest road in the area



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October 16, 2008

Sex sells

by noseycow




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