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January 15, 2019

Maybe just mouthwash tonight

by allthoughtswork

Don't think I will brush my teeth tonight


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March 14, 2015

4 hour Erections from Tesco

by duncanr

banana1a woman in Wales was shocked to discover a bunch of bananas bought in her local Tesco was infested with a cocoon of Brazilian Wandering Spiders – whose bite can cause men to have erections lasting up to 4 hours –

in related news, Tesco stores throughout the UK report a huge rise in the number of female shoppers buying bananas !

August 11, 2013

Marijuana : Benefits and Perils

by duncanr

Why I would Vote No on Pot. is the title of a 2009 article published in Time magazine by Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

medical maijuanaHaving reviewed the scientific literature on medical marijuana from the United States, he concluded back then that there was little evidence of any medical benefit to be gained from prescribing marijuana to patients

However, in the process of preparing a new documentary to be titled “Weed”, he has dug deeper and broadened his research to include studies done outwith the USA and now is of a very different opinion – see Why I changed my mind on weed

While Dr Gupta now believes there is . . .

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November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning Wake-Up

by Julie

I was having a calm, peaceful Sunday morning, until this

spiderjumped on me while I was in the bathroom.  One blood-curdling screech later ….. I now definitely have a headache!  Body length is 3 cm …. and I think this is baby …. now what I’d like to know is ……. WHERE IS MOMMY?