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January 27, 2017

Devon Adonis Wanted

by duncanr

male-stripperare you male, over 5′ 8″ tall, live in – or within easy travelling distance of – Devon, and would like to earn £150-£1000 for taking your kit off in front of a bunch of drunken women? –

January 30, 2014

Who’s a Pretty Boy Then ?

by duncanr

pope blesses parrot_200In another sign that Frank is the coolest Pope in a long time, he has blessed the parrot of a male stripper/porn star

Pope Francis, who I am in love with called it ‘a beautiful gift from God’“, said Francesco Lombardi, who uses the stage name Ghyblj (

P.S. no word on what Frank called the seagull and crow that attacked the two peace doves he released from the Vatican on Sunday (

October 31, 2011

Halloween Stripper Goes All the Way

by duncanr
February 13, 2011

Man Injured by Flying Dildo

by duncanr

[Hey, loon, can you do this?] 😉

The best man at a wedding in Australia sported a cut to his forehead after being struck by a flying phallus.

The accident happened during the groom’s stag party. He and 8 other men were being ‘entertained’ in a rented apartment by a stripper. She was demonstrating her ability to expel dildos from her body (I’ll let you use your imagination) with some degree of force and accuracy, when one of the dildos travelled 9m across the room to strike the best man on the forehead, drawing blood.

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