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April 27, 2014

Only in America

by duncanr

royalty-free-bicycle-clipart-illustration-46425_120A motorist knocked me off my bicycle some years ago.

I’d like to think she (yes, it was a woman driver) experienced a few moments of remorse afterwords, and perhaps relief that she hadn’t killed me. The experience might have perhaps made her a more careful driver in future

I’d have been pissed off as hell, however, if she had tried to sue me, or my family, for the emotional stress she had suffered as a result of nearly killing me.

In America, however, they think differently –

July 21, 2011

Samosa Soul Search

by duncanr

A restaurant which unwittingly served meat samosas to a group of Hindu’s (whose faith holds that they cannot be with God after death if their soul is ‘unpure’ as a result of eating meat) is being sued by the disgruntled diners.

Apparently, their souls must be purified and nothing less will do than . . .

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