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June 10, 2014

Robbing the Dead

by duncanr

stealing from car180a young mum died when the car she was driving struck a tree

her two young children, who were in the car with her, were rushed to hospital with non-critical injuries

but before emergency services arrived on the scene, thieves nicked the dead woman’s groceries from the front passenger seat of her car –

As the saying goes – ‘one person’s misfortune is another person’s gain’

June 7, 2013

Coitus Rudely Interrupted

by duncanr

no entryA 20 yr old woman, who spotted a couple making love in their car, asked them to stop. When they ignored her, she dialled 911.

When the couple tried to drive off, she repeatedly stood in front of the car to prevent them leaving before the cops arrived

No surprise then that the interfering prude young woman ended up in hospital when the driver of the car ran over her foot when driving off –

Shame, innit !

July 30, 2012

Russian Road Rage

by duncanr

In Russia, many folk have installed a dashcam in their cars to protect themselves against false personal injury claims (common scam is for pedestrians to jump out in front of car then sue the driver for injuring them). This provides some interesting material for youtube posts. In this clip, traffic merging from two lanes into one finds the driver of a SUV (which has right of way) being cut-up by the driver of another car. Noticing the driver of the other car has his windows open, the SUV driver exacts revenge

July 29, 2012

Wife Tries to Kill Husband – Again

by duncanr

First she pepper sprayed him. Then she stabbed him. Then, when the estranged couple left the court following a preliminary hearing into the stabbing, she tried to run him down with his own SUV, forcing him to cling to the bonnet while she drove on to Interstate 664, waving from side to side to dislodge him

Speaking from a hospital bed, Derrick Graham said he was considering divorcing his wife, Lavetta

That’s probably a wise decision – I get the feeling she doesn’t love him anymore !

Full story here –

May 2, 2012

Drunk Grandparents Tow Tot Behind SUV

by duncanr

A couple in Florida have been charged with driving under the influence, child endangerment and driving with a suspended license

Paul and Belinda Berloni were spotted by a cop driving their SUV with their 7 yr old grand-daughter being towed behind it in a plastic kiddies car attached to the SUV with a couple of dog leads

Both grandparents were drunk and Paul Beloni was driving whilst disqualified – his licence having been withdrawn after a previous conviction for DUI

The child’s father was apparently not best pleased when informed by the police of the grandparent’s notion of ‘child-care’

Full story –

Hhmmm, I think it safe to say Paul and Belinda Berloni won’t be called upon to do much babysitting in future !

April 2, 2012

Another White Vigilante attacks a Black Kid

by duncanr

In Pearland, Texas, a white woman, Deanna Johnson, deliberately rammed her SUV into 3 young kids playing with their go-carts.

According to 13yr old black kid, Jules Moor, Johnson screamed – “You don’t belong in this neighborhood”

Jules and . . .

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February 21, 2012

Police Pull Over SUV carrying 5 Deer

by duncanr

Ever wondered what reindeer do when they’re not hauling Santa’s arse all round the world?

Well some at least get to put their hooves up and travel in style

Police in Norway pulled over a SUV and found 3 reindeer sitting in the back seat and another two travelling in the luggage compartment

None of the buggers were wearing a seat belt !

Source –

Hhmm, perhaps the driver had heard about the dude in Sweden that had been trapped in his car for 2 months with no food ( and was taking no chances that the same might happen to him ?

September 3, 2011

Psycho Cop Caught on Cam

by duncanr

Cop pulls over driver of SUV for speeding, runs check on licence and insurance details of driver – everything O.K. but for a previous arrest for possession of marijuana.

Cop asks driver if he can search the vehicle

Knowing something of the law, the driver says ‘No’ – not without a warrant

At which point the cop . . .

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January 20, 2010

Scaredy Pussy Cat

by duncanr

An armed security guard at Thunder Valley Casino, north of Sacramento had a narrow escape when his car plunged into a creek.

The 28 yr old man, whose name has not been released (to save the poor buggers embarrassment ?) was driving along the road when his hands free cell phone went off.

Startled by its ringing, he swerved through a fence at the side of the road and into the creek.

Fortunately he was able to escape the sinking car by shooting out the glass in the windscreen

Source . . .

Hhmm, an armed security guard who’s frightened by a phone ringing?

I’d give the Thunder Valley Casino a miss if I was you, folks !!!

November 6, 2009

‘Nelly’ hit by SUV

by duncanr

elephant200‘Nelly’ the elephant left the circus in Oklahoma and got hit by a SUV.

Didn’t have time to hit the brakes. The elephant blended in with the road,” driver Bill Carpenter said Thursday. “At the very last second I said ‘elephant!‘”

Really? If it had been me I would have said – ‘F*ck’ !!! But then I’m not a church goer like Mr Carpenter.

The good Lord was with us,” Carpenter said, talking about his escape without injury.

Which is more than the elephant can say, after suffering a broken tusk and a leg injury

P.S. If Mr Carpenter can’t see a f*cken elephant in the middle of the road I’d suggest getting a new pair of specs or cut back on that communion wine

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