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May 9, 2017

Why I’m not on Twitter

by allthoughtswork

December 29, 2015

Late Entrants for 2015 Darwin Award

by duncanr

darwin awards150sneaking in at the last minute, before submission for the 2015 Darwin Awards close, these kids must be considered strong contenders to win –

September 1, 2014

Instructional Videos for Teenagers

by duncanr

Lesson 1 – how to change a toilet roll

June 27, 2012

Was She Blonde ?

by duncanr

A woman walking down the road in Palo Alto had a milkshake thrown in her face by a bunch of teens in a white Range Rover.

Angered, she threw her purse at the car.

Unfortunately for her, the purse sailed through an open window and landed in the car, which then sped off – leaving the woman minus a purse and $2,000 in cash

Police and now trying to trace the teens who are facing charges ranging from battery to possession of stolen property or misappropriation of property.

Source –

Hhmm, can it rightly be described as ‘stolen’ or ‘misappropriated’ property. when she threw it at them?

May 31, 2012

Teens Trade Sex for Food (of a sort)

by duncanr

Two hungry teenagers have been arrested for offering strangers sex in exchange for a meal at McDonalds

I know what, you’re thinking – McDonalds ?

You’d think at the very least that if they were prepared to let strange men f*ck them, they would have preferred to get a Big Whopper inside them !

May 10, 2012

Hot Prom Girls Get Very Wet

by duncanr

They got all dressed up in their new gowns and no doubt spent a long time on their make-up and getting their hair ‘just right’ so they looked the part for the highlight of their year – their High School Prom Dance.

Someone suggested a group photo with their escorts

Someone else suggested they stand on the wooden pier jutting out over the lake for the photo

It no doubt seemed a good idea at the time but . . .

Read more –

November 29, 2011

Santa Assaulted in Grotto

by duncanr


There wasn’t much Christmas cheer in Longton last Friday.

Many children waiting to meet Santa were left disappointed when he fled his grotto after being assaulted by a gang of teenagers who tugged his beard and pulled his glasses off.

[Ho, ho, ho – that’s some kids straight on the naughty list!]

Full Story here –

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