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March 27, 2018

Message to Women: Don’t Die a Virgin

by duncanr


December 18, 2017

International Statistic of the Year 2017

by duncanr

more americans (on average) are killed each year by lawnmowers than by islamic terrorists –

this statistic has been acclaimed the International Statistic of the Year by the Royal Statistical Society in London – mind you, more americans (on average) are killed each year by armed toddlers or by falling out of bed than are killed by islamic terrorists

rather than ban Muslim immigrants to the US then, if trump wants to safeguard american lives he would do better to round up and intern all lawnmowers, enact stricter gun laws to prevent toddlers getting their hands on guns, and require all beds in the USA to be fitted with guard rails

June 28, 2016

Don’t Die a Virgin

by duncanr


via B&P

March 29, 2016

The Real Threat to American Lives

by duncanr

donald-trump_reuters_380-300x225Trump has been very outspoken on how, if elected as President, he would safeguard americans from muslim terrorists

but muslim terrorists are the least of the threats americans face!

the more important question is – how does Trump intend to keep americans safe from these murderous bastards?

voters need to know – where does Trump stand on Toddlers?

December 26, 2015

US Woman Exercises Her Right to Free Speech

by duncanr

two brown-skinned men (one of whom served in the US Air Force) filming a Youtube comedy skit are accosted and accused by a woman of being cock-sucking terrorists

two thoughts on this video . . .

why are some christians so ‘hateful’ – don’t they read the words of the man they claim to be the son of god?

and, can you imagine the fate of America (and the rest of the world) if ever a candidate spouting views like her was to become US President?

July 16, 2014

Fukang Matches go up in Flames

by duncanr

bonfireFukang police destroyed 20,223 boxes of matches to prevent their use by Fukang terrorists –

[the Fukang police better hope none of the Fukang terrorists has a lighter]

January 21, 2014

Afghan Police Vandalise Cars

by duncanr

stock-vector-mascot-illustration-of-a-shocked-flat-tire-with-air-leaking-out-120662899Car bombs are a favourite weapon of the Taliban and their allies in Afghanistan but the Afghan police have a cunning plan to counter these attacks

There has been a mixed response to the cunning plan, however

a.) The Taliban are mildly irritated at the inconvenience
b.) Car owners are f*cken pissed off (and out of pocket)
c.) The police are quite pleased
d.) Mechanics are rubbing their hands with glee (and counting the afghanis)

Details of the cunning plan here –

June 12, 2013

Child Killers in the USA

by duncanr

boy with gunI knew it

I’ve always said as much

Kids are little terrors

and now there’s evidence to back me up

if you live in America, post 9/11 you are more likely to be killed by a toddler toting a gun than by a terrorist!

November 10, 2012

Anders Breivik Complains Human Rights Violated

by duncanr

anders breivikRemember Anders Beivik?

The Norwegian nutter jailed for killing 77 people in a bombing and shooting frenzy last year ?

He is not a happy man – thinks his human rights are being violated

In a 27 page letter of complaint, the poor mite bemoans the fact his cell is sparsely decorated and does not have a view. He is also less than happy that prison staff do not give him enough butter to cover his bread, and often serve him lukewarm coffee – sadistic b*stards !!!

November 5, 2011

Living Dangerously

by duncanr

If reports are true, it seems that Pakistan is less worried about their nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists than they are of their US allies staging a pre-emptive attack and seizing their missiles to prevent terrorists from acquiring them. To this end, Pakistan is apparently no longer storing their weapons in a secure, heavily-defended, reinforced bunker but is moving them around the country in ordinary unmarked delivery vans so the Americans can never be entirely certain where they are.

Source –

Jeez, putting your nuclear weapons in the hands of white van drivers. Are you thinking what I’m thinking ? Have you seen the way these buggers drive ?

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