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April 24, 2016

Coming Soon to a . . .

by duncanr

smartphones stupid people. . . street near you

it’s only a matter of time folks, but what a sad reflection on modern life that such a health & safety measure – installing traffic lights on the pavement – is deemed necessary because so many of us are so addicted to our smartphones and social media that traffic lights at normal height are not in our line of vision

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August 17, 2011

Light at the End of the Tunnel

by duncanr

Chiltern Railways plans to create a second Oxford to London Rail link, via Bicester. The proposed new line would run through a tunnel under the Wolvercote roundabout on the A40.

Problem is, bats use the tunnel as a place to roost and as a shortcut when they’re moving around the countryside.

The solution?

Install a set of traffic lights at the entrance of the tunnels to warn the bats of approaching trains thereby giving them time to evacuate the tunnel before the trains pass through

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[P.S. I thought bats were ‘blind’ ???]

April 16, 2011

Green Light for Sex

by duncanr

Tsk, tsk – some naughty hackers have altered the software that governs the traffic light system in Nimwegen, Holland so that when the lights turn green, the image shows a couple making love.

According to police, “People kept pressing the button to see the couple having sex” and this resulted in a number of accidents as cars were forced to brake suddenly

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January 15, 2011

Traffic Light Fail

by duncanr

I hate getting stuck at traffic lights, especially when I’m in a hurry (i.e., late)

But can you imagine the chaos on the roads – especially with the volume of traffic nowadays – if we didn’t have traffic lights?

It would be, well . . . like driving in Johannesburg !!!

Seems the high tech traffic lights there are fitted with GPS locators and simm cards so if . . .

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July 31, 2010

Stop-Go Chase

by duncanr

A woman in Ohio was clocked driving at 78mph in a 55mph zone.

When a police officer tried to pull her over, she sped off

In the high speed chase that followed, the officer had no problem keeping up with her – she kept stopping every time she hit a red light.

{there is no word as to whether or not she was a blonde]

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P.S. for good measure, she was tasered for resisting arrest when she was finally stopped