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November 25, 2019

How Not to be an Arsehole

by duncanr

somewhat quaint training film created in 1943 by the United States Office of War Information advising troops heading to the UK how to behave when visiting british pubs in order not to offend the locals . . .

September 24, 2019

How to Handle a Man Cat

by duncanr

March 23, 2019

Earning a pony’s trust

by allthoughtswork

Fascinating how similar the techniques are to earning an abused person’s trust.

December 18, 2018

Canine Training Fail

by duncanr

takes a special kind of mutt to become a service dog

not all are cut out for it – this pooch flunked the training course . . .

May 23, 2016

Dancing With Goats

by duncanr

May 16, 2016

Barking Mad

by duncanr

SIT !!!!!!

SIT !!!!!!

UK folk of a certain generation will recognise this formidable woman who appeared on our TV some years ago showing us her dog-training techniques

like a female sergeant-major, her approach involved a lot of ‘jerking’ the dogs lead and yelling commands in firm/loud voice in order to dominate them

petrified dogs and . . .

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May 14, 2013

Wee Rab : The Early Years

by duncanr

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday, I introduced Madhatter readers to Wee Rab (

Today, I continue his story with an account of an episode from his early years . . .


Mrs D caught me at it the other night. I had promised her, after the last time, that I wouldn’t do it again. Yet here I was betraying her trust once more.

To say she was none too happy would be an understatement! ‘

What the f*ck are you doing?’, said she – in a whisper that could be heard 100 yards away! ‘

What does it look like I’m doing?’ I replied.

peeing manIt looks like you’re having a piss in the f*cken street.’ said Mrs D. ‘

What if one of the neighbours sees you?’

It’s 2am in the morning’, I replied. ‘Who’s going to see me?’

You never know’, said Mrs D. ‘There’s some funny buggers about at this time of the night’ – glancing in my direction?

It only takes one person to catch you at it and call the cops. How are you going to explain yourself then?

‘I’ll tell them the truth’, I said. ‘I’m doing it for Wee Rab – so he doesn’t get lost. It’s part of his training. I’m putting my scent on our driveway to help him find his way home if he gets separated from us in the park.’

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March 17, 2013

Puppy Learning How to Catch

by duncanr

Needs a bit more training, I’d say ! 😆

January 22, 2013

Real Reason French Forces went into Mali

by duncanr

Earlier this month, France sent planes and ground forces to Mali to assist the beleaguered government ward off the advance of rebel Islamist forces

The need for french assistance is underscored by this video showing a Mali army unit on a training exercise. With no ammunition to spare for training purposes, the soldiers have to make ‘pretend’ gun noises – and from the games we played as boys we all know how well that is likely to turn out . . .

Bang – you’re dead

No, I’m not

Yes you are – I shot you

No you didn’t. | ducked. You missed

Missed, my arse. You’re f*cken dead, you b*stard.

September 4, 2012

Downward Facing Dog : Exercise Video

by duncanr

The little dog steals the show for me !