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September 22, 2018

Stop Wasting Life

by duncanr

many folk die each year whilst waiting for an organ transplant

in part, this is because too few people register to donate their organs after death and, of those who do, relatives are sometimes unaware of the deceased person’s wishes

a recent advertising campaign in Venezuela seeks to address these two issues

I hope the campaign achieves its objective and more organs become available for transplant but one problem is still to be tackled – even when the deceased person has

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March 15, 2015

Man Gets Second Hand Penis

by duncanr

s-BEST-HEALTHCARE-large300sticky drew my attention to this story in a comment on another thread – the world’s first successful penis transplant op has been reported in South Africa (see

well, ‘successful’ but for one thing 😆

July 9, 2014

Have you had the conversation?

by duncanr

My thoughts on a page.

Tonight I have no words. It’s all in the video.
If you watch it you will see those who have lived, because of organ donors, and you will see the pictures and families of those who gave the ultimate gift to save a life.

Unintentional Hero is a beautiful song, written by Pa Curran to honour his friend Taidhg Burke Neff, but this video makes that song even more poignant and powerful.
Among those families featured, is our own local unintentional hero, six year old Ben.

The song can be ordered from itunes here for just 99c.

Please have the conversation. Organ donation saves lives. Tell someone today if you wish to be an organ donor.

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