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August 8, 2019

Dope Fails Dope Test

by duncanr

a word of advice guys – if you’re trying to get through a drug test by passing off a sample of your girlfriend’s pee as your own, do some checking with her first before doing so, in case what happened to D.J. Cooper happens to you

Basketball player fails drug test when it finds he is pregnant

August 21, 2017

Golden Sh Tower

by duncanr

on Feb 22, president trump rescinded the Obama order ‘allowing transgender students to use the bathroom matching their chosen gender identities’

in protest at this decision, Canadian transgender artist Cassils started collecting his pee

the piece, called ‘Pissed‘ – 200 gallons of urine enclosed in a large glass cube tower – will be on show to the public at an exhibition New York’s Ronald Feldman Fine Arts gallery on Sept. 16 –

May 16, 2017

I Did it First!

by duncanr

an actress I’ve never heard of – [I don’t watch much TV] – is apparently famous enough amongst those who watch UK TV soap operas to warrant a mention in a local rag after she announced that – when her pussy goes missing – she lays trails of her urine to help the moggie find it’s way home –

well this technique may be novel to many folk but it is one long known and practiced by me . . .

May 22, 2016

Pee Power

by duncanr

pee powerresearchers in Bristol have come up with a novel way to generate electricity . . .

February 10, 2016

An Apology of Sorts

by duncanr

busy beeastute readers will have noticed a decline in both the quantity and the quality of my recent posts to madhatters

this is attributable to my . . .

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June 16, 2015

Free Socks for a Year

by duncanr

Oops !

Oops !

a man who pissed himself while visiting the loo in a hamburger joint in Aberdeen is to receive a supply of socks every month, for a year as compensation –

April 25, 2014

Golden Shower Arrest

by duncanr

water pistolYou know urine a wee spot o’ bother when the cops arrest you for spraying a couple of women in Blackburn town centre with a water pistol filled with piss

Ian Wilson said – ‘I don’t know what come over me’

Oddly enough, that’s what the women said too !

December 5, 2013

The Colour of Pee

by duncanr

peeing manWhat colour is your pee?

No, don’t tell me – I don’t really want to know

But you might want to check it out for yourself because, apparently, the colour of your pee can be an early indicator of ill-health

See –

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I’m off to the loo

October 4, 2013

Drinking Pee is Good for You – but Not for Me !

by duncanr

collecting peeI’d be the first to admit there’s some right weird buggers here in Brum – but drinking your own pee, and washing your face and hair with your piss, because you think it has health benefits and will keep you young looking ?

Well, I’m all for anything that will keep me healthy (that doesn’t involve going to a gym) – but if anyone thinks I’m going to start drinking my own (or anyone else’s pee) – urine sane !

August 22, 2013

Piss Poor Pissers Penalised

by duncanr

Bad news for guys in China who get ‘caught short’ while out and about

Starting next month, If they use a public urinal, they will be fined 100 yuan if they ‘miss’ the bowl

public toilets

Details as sketchy as to how this scheme will operate in practice

Will their be a ‘line judge’

Will goal-mouth technology be employed to measure ‘hits and ‘misses’

Will their be a reduced fine for a piddling misdemeanor  with the maximum fine reserved for a slash that misses the goal by a mile?

Will there be an opportunity to appee-l any fine?

So many questions, few answers

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