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November 23, 2017

No Thanks Given

by duncanr

many turkeys, and americans, will be getting stuffed today

some americans, however, regard today as one of . . .

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October 15, 2017

USA 1939 Alt-Right

by duncanr

for those concerned by the rise of white supremacist hate groups in the USA in recent times, a reminder that there has always been substantial support amongst a section of americans for the views these groups espouse . . .

for more information about this incident, click here –

October 9, 2017

NRA : Nonsensical Rifle Addiction

by duncanr

a European perspective on the NRA . . .

July 27, 2017

No Need to Panic

by duncanr

Intelligence Agencies Say North Korean Missile Could Reach U.S. in a Year‘ –

plenty of time to duck then !

July 19, 2017

American Health Care

by duncanr


July 18, 2017

Death in the USA

by duncanr

one of the issues dominating political debate in the USA right now is the Republican attempt to pass into law a healthcare plan to replace that introduced during Obama’s time as President

some critics of the republican plan oppose it because it would result in far fewer folk being able to afford healthcare when they need it

that might be no bad thing though! If this research is to be believed, americans would all do better to avoid putting themselves in the hands of the medical profession if they wish for a long life . . .

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July 3, 2017

Trumpcare Bill

by duncanr


June 2, 2017

Trump Pulls USA out of Paris Agreement

by duncanr

May 2, 2017

USA : Health Care Kerfuffle

by duncanr

this is painful to watch . . .

the septuagenarian satsuma who currently occupies the White House wants to repeal what he calls ‘obamacare’ and replace it with an alternative health care plan that would allow insurance companies to deny/over charge cover to those with a ‘pre-existing’ condition

[thank f*ck for the National Health Service here in the UK !]

April 17, 2017

Suspected Terrorist Cleared to Travel

by duncanr

Harvey Kenyon-Cairns initial attempt to enter the USA was thwarted when embassy officials in London – suspecting he was a terrorist – rejected his visa application

following an interrogation in London, however, the 3 month old was eventually cleared to travel after convincing officials he had been framed by his grandfather –