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June 3, 2018

Graffiti Hill

by duncanr

For over seventy years, people have been driving out in their RVs to a remote desert area near the city of Yuma, in the US state of Arizona, to write their names and leave messages on the desert floor. Unlike regular graffiti that is hurtful to the environment, at Valley of Names messages are spelled out by carefully arranging rocks and small boulders in the hard-packed white sand

hhmmm, perhaps it’s just me but while this graffiti is ‘not hurtful to the environment’, to me it’s an act of vandalism that mars the natural beauty of the area

May 20, 2018

Another School Shooting

by duncanr

all these calls for ‘thoughts and prayers’ we keep hearing from ‘pious’ politicians in the pay of the NRA don’t seem to be doing much to curb the slaughter and injury of america’s schoolkids and teachers –

February 25, 2018

USA Schools: a Dystopian Future

by duncanr


February 20, 2018

Gun Control

by duncanr


February 17, 2018

Healthcare : UK vs US

by duncanr


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December 18, 2017

International Statistic of the Year 2017

by duncanr

more americans (on average) are killed each year by lawnmowers than by islamic terrorists –

this statistic has been acclaimed the International Statistic of the Year by the Royal Statistical Society in London – mind you, more americans (on average) are killed each year by armed toddlers or by falling out of bed than are killed by islamic terrorists

rather than ban Muslim immigrants to the US then, if trump wants to safeguard american lives he would do better to round up and intern all lawnmowers, enact stricter gun laws to prevent toddlers getting their hands on guns, and require all beds in the USA to be fitted with guard rails

November 23, 2017

No Thanks Given

by duncanr

many turkeys, and americans, will be getting stuffed today

some americans, however, regard today as one of . . .

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October 15, 2017

USA 1939 Alt-Right

by duncanr

for those concerned by the rise of white supremacist hate groups in the USA in recent times, a reminder that there has always been substantial support amongst a section of americans for the views these groups espouse . . .

for more information about this incident, click here –

October 9, 2017

NRA : Nonsensical Rifle Addiction

by duncanr

a European perspective on the NRA . . .

July 27, 2017

No Need to Panic

by duncanr

Intelligence Agencies Say North Korean Missile Could Reach U.S. in a Year‘ –

plenty of time to duck then !