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September 22, 2018

Stop Wasting Life

by duncanr

many folk die each year whilst waiting for an organ transplant

in part, this is because too few people register to donate their organs after death and, of those who do, relatives are sometimes unaware of the deceased person’s wishes

a recent advertising campaign in Venezuela seeks to address these two issues

I hope the campaign achieves its objective and more organs become available for transplant but one problem is still to be tackled – even when the deceased person has

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April 26, 2015

Mango Appeal

by duncanr

madura and mangoit’s become increasingly difficult for 1st time buyers in the UK to afford a home

perhaps they ought to appeal directly to ‘call me Dave’ Cameron to provide them with a home in the manner in which Marleny Olivo asked Venezualian President Nicolas Maduro for a house ?

it bore fruit for her !

May 17, 2013

Venezuela Residents in Deep Poo

by duncanr

no toilet paperWe’ve all been there at some time

Your pants round your ankles, you reach for the loo roll – and it isn’t there!

It’s a crap situation to find yourself in, so spare a thought for the folk in Venezuala

The country can’t keep up with the demand for toilet paper. Shops are sold out, and as soon as they get hold of some, long queues form and the stock flies off the shelves.

The Venezualan government blames the shortage of toilet rolls on “excessive demand


I’m saying nothing – you can make up your own jokes ! 😆

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